Airdrop Rules

Please read the following airdrop rules & requirements carefully to avoid missing SCOIN weekly airdrop.

Bitcointalk account registered on or before December 31, 2020.

Bitcointalk account must be atleast Jr.member rank to join the airdrop.

Wearing official SCOIN signature is optional but higher airdrop multiplier for those members who will wear SCOIN signature (refer below for airdrop multiplier). A 3 weekly post are required to qualify for the extra multipliers.

Add your BNB smartchain address on your bitcointalk profile (location,ETH,BTC fields) to confirm account ownership, Your registered BNB smartchain address must match the one on your bitcointalk profile.

We required a 80/20 hold policy. To qualify for the next weekly airdrop you must ensure you keep 80% of your total receive airdrop on your BNB smartchain address. Falling below 80% will result in missing out the entire 40 weeks of SCOIN airdrop.

Promote your own referral link and earn additinal 0.10% airdrop multiplier per referral. We will not tolerate SPAM or any type of UCE in this program. SPAM violators will be immediately and permanently removed from the airdrop.

We reserves the right to accept or decline any member for membership without explanation.

If you do not agree with the above rules and requirements, please do not go any further.

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