Step 1.Register your SCOIN airdrop account

Click SIGN UP and complete the require information. Incomplete registration will not be included in the weekly SCOIN airdrop.

Step 2.Read the airdrop rules and requirements to join the airdrop.


Airdrop Requirements

1. Bitcointalk Account created on or before January 1, 2021
2. Atleast Jr. Member rank
3. Must wear our bitcointalk signature and avatar if allowed
4. Must post 3 post per week in altcoin section except bounty section.
5. Must register in our airdrop portal for airdrop distribution.
6. NOTE: Bitcointalk signature is OPTIONAL but all those user who will will wear our signature will earn higher airdrop.
7. To verify bitcointalk account ownership, Add your BNB smartchain address on any of the following fields (BTC, Location, Other contact info)

Step 4.Follow us on social media

Join our official telegram group and discord community channel to stay updated for all SCOIN related news. Also follow us in our official twitter and telegram channel.

Finale: Wait for weekly airdrop for 40 weeks.
(Distribution model are available in the official SCOIN whitepaper)
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