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StakeCoin (SCOIN) is a proof of stake BEP20 smartchain token. .

StakeCoin protocol is a next generation proof of stake BEP20 token in Binance Smartchain. It uses smart contract application to execute a proof of stake function in Binance Smartchain using mathematical equations. StakeCoin protocol are designed to improve how proof of stake mining is done making it more cost-effective and allows everyone to start POS mining Stakecoin with their mobile phone, Unlike traditional blockchain coins that requires desktop/laptop pc or renting a VPS to start POS mining.

Proof of stake token

BEP20 Smartchain token

StakeCoin (SCOIN)

Total Supply: 100.000.000 SCOIN

Pre-Mine: 11.000.000 SCOIN

Distributions: Free Airdrop

Promoters Program

Referral Rewards

Earn 0.10% additional airdrop multiplier for every active/valid referral you invite in our weekly airdrop. Your unique referral link is available in airdrop account dashboard. The more active/valid referral you bring the higher airdrop multiplier. Fake/Invalid/Bots signups will not be counted.
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